Matthew Lewis, the actor who portrayed Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies, joined BBC Radio 1 hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark for a round of Innuendo Bingo.


To play the game, two players fill their mouths with water and then listen to various news clips that inadvertently sound sexual — "mass debate" and "full moon" are among the sound bites.


Lewis has come a long way since his nerdy Neville Longbottom days, and has grown into quite the hunk. He's still a kid on the inside, though, as he proves with his fits of giggles on the show. Spoiler alert: Lewis is not very good at this game, but you can't help but laugh with him as he makes it rain (from his mouth) inside the BBC Radio 1 studio. The hosts even chastise him for not being able to keep it together.


If you're drinking water while you watch this, we advise you finish your glass before you press play.