At approximately 7:45 Thursday evening, an email from the Arcade Fire's publicist landed in our inbox. The subject box was simple: Arcade Fire DOWNLOAD ENCLOSED.


And wow! This heavily-guarded album is way too dense to possibly provide an adequate overview yet. It's almost an hour and a half of music!


As for the heavily-guarded part, even the publicist confirmed that.


We know waiting for this album was a pain/stressful, security hasn't been this tight on sending an album out since "Kid A." I hope you all enjoy it and I can't wait to read/listen to reviews in the coming days!


On a cursory listen, which at press time 89,000 others had already indulged in, the pleasure of hearing the new album outweighed any pain and/or stress that the publicist referred to.


For your listening pleasure, we present the full album with lyrics superimposed over the 1959 film, "Black Orpheus."

We'll have a full review up early next week.