Can "American Idol" rise from the ashes?
The show is back with new judges Lionel Richie (left), Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. Photo credit: ABC/Disney

Tonight marked the premiere of the new season of American Idol on ABC.

With all of the success of NBC’s “The Voice” overshadowing it’s older, trailblazing singing-competition show, the student became the master. But with a new network and a new panel of celeb-judges including Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, “American Idol Version 2.0” is looking to take back it’s crown.


The new season of American Idol is just as fierce as before.


For many, the question still remains: is if “Idol” as fun a show to watch as “The Voice”? To those who might think that may I remind you about brutal this show can be. The crushing criticism contestants used to get on the old show is still there and it’s still mesmerizing to watch the most delusional contestants on the show have their dreams blow up in flames on national television.



This is exactly what happened when musical theater actress Kobe from Colorado delivered a nearly unlistenable performance in front of the flabbergasted judges. Kobe sang an original song that started off with a blaring and hair-raising crescendo of the “THE DEEEEEEVIL” that was enough to make Katy Perry take her gloves off in defense of good music. After asking why people had encouraged Kobe to come on the new season of American Idol she asked her this biting, existential question: “You don’t listen to music like that, right?”  

[Photo: ABC/Disney]

The judges agreed and told the aspiring singer that she would have a better time finding success as a Broadway actress in New York and of course, Kobe had some issues with that. With a chip on her shoulder, she stormed out of the room and told the cameras that she sang her heart out, that the judges were wrong and that Katy Perry was probably just “jealous.”


Many people received glowing praise from the judges throughout the rest of the two-hour season premiere and were given tickets to L.A. to compete. But what helped kick this new season of American Idol into gear was remembering just how brutal and vicious this show can be. These new judges seem to be up for drawing blood as well.


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