New Sweden takes the express route

When this Wilmington-based band hits the studio, they expect to leave with an album — quickly.

William Dobies and Jimmy Dukenfield met while performing at a flea market; such were the gigs the two young songwriters were landing at the time. But since forming New Sweden, a folk-infused six-piece, in 2009, the pair have discovered more receptive venues for their confessional songwriting.


More recently, the Wilmington-based Sweden have gained favor with WXPN, further expanding the band's clique of tri-state fans. On Friday, the band will headline MilkBoy Philly, playing most of the tracks off of their sole studio release, "The Mountain."


"We plowed through that record in two-and-a-half days. It was that fast. So it's almost like a live record in a way," explains Dobies. "At the time, we felt like the longer it takes, the more we're gonna nit-pick. I talk to other musicians and they're always saying, 'We're working on something.' And they say that for months and months. So we just said, 'Let's do this and get it out.' We have the songs and we believe in them. That's all we need."


But the Swedes have grown leaps and bounds since "The Mountain." Many of their new songs, such as "Frying Pan," manage a delicate, sophisticated level of intimacy in both lyrics and music. "When we started, I came in with a bunch of songs I had been working on for years. And we would just try them out one by one," says Dobies. "As we've progressed, I can just come in with an idea -- maybe just one vocal line -- and we can build a song together."


If you go

New Sweden

Friday, 9:30

MilkBoy Philly

1100 Chestnut St.

$10, 215-925-MILK

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