Niall Horan says One Direction will be back

The former boy bander says they'd be "silly not to."
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Teenage girls around the world harbored broken hearts earlier this year when mega boy band One Direction announced their sort of permanent sounding hiatus. The break came shortly after Zayn Malik—obviously the hottest one in the group, just saying — pursued his plans to go solo in 2015, officially breaking from the band. While loyal fans may have held onto hope that the group would return, those of us who know better – we’re still waiting on the official Destiny’s Child comeback – thought this to be the end of 1D.


But we may have gotten it wrong after all!


According to the Sun, Niall Horan, fresh in the face of his own solo career, says, “We will back. We would be silly not to… ridiculous.” Horan says the remaining members of the band are concentrating on their solo projects ("Harry wanted to do his movie.") and are otherwise "just chilling." Whilethere's no specific timeframe set for 1D 2.0, we can already hear the screaming teenyboppers off in the distance, ready to rise up once more.

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