We're happy to see longtime Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright collaborator Nick Frost finally getting his first starring role. He's appearing in "Cuban Fury," opening this weekend. To prepare yourself, take a look at some of Frost's finest screen moments, starting witha look at Frost's work as an overly optimistic doctor on his early oughts sketch comedy show, "Man Stroke Woman." Also check out...


'Star Wars' reenactment with Simon Pegg



We're not sure which is funnier: the detailed argument about R2D2's abilities, or the incredible accuracy of the beeping noises Simon Pegg can do. Also check out...


Nick Frost explains 'Point Break' to Simon Pegg in 'Hot Fuzz'

Really, all of Nick Frost's overly earnest action star cop questions in this movie are winners, but we picked this one for the heartfelt description of the emotional nuances of the film classic, "Point Break."

Record toss, 'Shaun of the Dead'

A scene that reminds us all that zombies are actually kind of slow-moving, leaving plenty of time to select which records you'd like to impale them on.

Dancing with Chris O'Dowd

Frost shows off his new moves in "Cuban Fury."

See what Frost has to say about the movie here.