Why is North West making that face? Exactly why you think. (photo via Vogue) Why is North West making that face? Exactly why you think. Credit: Vogue

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are on the cover of this month's Vogue, and oh boy, the worldhas opinionsabout it. Did Kanye force magazine editor Anna Wintour into it? Does Vogue's debasement mean we are in the end times? Will we soon be faced with a rain of blood and the Four Housewives of the Apocalypse?

I, too, have a strong opinion, and it is that I strongly don't care. The whole thing has brought out a peculiar vein of snobbery in us all. Why are we leaping to the defense of Vogue's lofty standards? It's not Foreign Policy. Know who else has been on the cover of Vogue? Melania Trump. Where were you then, haters?


However, if you are among those who was offended by Kimye's high-fashion coronation, maybe take comfort in the knowledge that in at least one of those elegant photos, Kanye West was being peed upon."North peed on him right at that moment and he was trying to tell me and I couldn't really hear him. I had to get up and clean her off, clean him off. It's a good memory," Kim Kardashian told Seth Meyers last night on "Late Night."

Good to know that even for rich people who get everything they want, leaving the diaper off a baby has the expected consequences.

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