Choosing a venue for a Father's Day feast can't be that tricky, because when it comes to man food -- forgive us if we stereotype here: Steak, barbecue, pizza -- Boston has it covered.


Sweet Cheeks in the Fenway is the barbecue bomb. Chef Tiffani Faison uses meats from naturally raised animals to benefit both conscience and taste buds. The fabulous hot, piquant sauces are housemade, as are the biscuits, and the fried green tomatoes are unmissable. Pair those with naturally sweetly flavored pork, or the rich beef short rib rubbed with spices, cooked over oak, and tenderized by its own luscious fat. Portions at this Southern-style, casual barbecue joint are generous, just the way they should be. Dad will not go home hungry.


Maybe dad would like to stop carb-avoidance for one day and scarf down some 'za. Not any old pie, of course. At Scampo, Lydia Shire's lobster pizza is hard to beat. It's a thin crust type -- Shire works some kind of magic, the crust is very tasty -- that's swamped with lobster meat.


Can't do pizza without sausage? Scampo, a restaurant with classic, understated elegance and no glitz, has a pie that pairs up sausage and mashed potato, and tops it with stracchino, a fresh Italian cheese that adds creaminess rather than greasy fat.


Steak will probably be the cri de coeur for many men on Father's Day. Woodward at AMES will bring joy to macho hearts with a "Steaks + Suds" Dad's Day dinner special. This meat-and-beer entree features bourbon-basted New York strip steak served with lobster macaroni gratin, king trumpet mushrooms and garlic spinach. It's paired with a glass of Woodward's bespoke ale, which is created by Smutty Nose Brewery and includes a touch of Curacao orange peel. Cheers!