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David Schwimmer is here to rain all over your “Friends” reunion parade, sitcom fans. Excitement quickly spread after NBC announced the cast of the hit show would be getting back together for an upcoming special honoring TV director James Burrows, but Schwimmer doesn’t want you to expect too much from them.

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“There’s no ‘Friends’ reunion,” he corrected a reporter who asked about the event. “It’s a tribute to Jimmy Burrows, who we love, and I’m just thrilled to be a part of it. As many of us that can be there will be there.” Oh yeah, about that last part: Matthew Perry won’t be able to attend, which is bumming Schwimmer out. “Sure I’m sad, but I’m happy for him, he’s doing a play in London and it’s thrilling,” he tells E! News.

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So, just so we’re clear: The reunion is not actually a reunion, and the whole cast won’t actually be there anyway. Why were we excited again?

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