Sometimes, particularly around the late-afternoon hours, it really does feel like every article we write is about Lady Gaga. But who can blame us when our future Guest Editor insists on doing completely ridiculous things every single day?


The news today is the strange news that Gaga will be debuting new songs from her upcoming album on the popular Facebook game FarmVille.


The news, from Gaga Daily, because we definitely couldn't handle this capitalization on our own:


On May 17th, Lady Gaga and Zynga will unveil GagaVille, a farm within FarmVille, which will showcase Lady Gaga’s themes from the album, such as crystals, unicorns and motorcycles. From May 17th to 19th, players can complete tasks to unlock and stream a new unreleased song per day.

Crystals, unicorns and motorcycles?! Be still our weak heart! OK, we're being jerks, but what was the though process behind this, beyond "We need to do something"?

Does anyone else think Gag's recent slip-ups — releasing the unlistenable "Judas" as a second single, then rushing out the bland "Edge of Glory" only three weeks later to compensate — are the panicked results of over-reaching by the Gagster? As The Awl puts it, "has anyone ridden the steep sine wave of exciting fame to slavish corporate sadness faster?"