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Apparently male EDM superstar DJs are perfectly capable of being gossipy little sass-buckets. Oh, sorry, we're supposed to be calling them "producers." Anyway, Diplo — whom you may remember from allegedly dating Katy Perry just long enough to make John Mayer jealous — has some thoughts apparently about the love life of twink-y elf prince Zedd.

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"I'm actually not enemies with Zedd by any means. I just think that he came from such a cool place, and now he's been pegged as a money-maker for a major label to do EDM, which to me isn't even a genre," Diplo tells "They've marketed him, even the fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all the things to sell records took away from the music." Yeah man, how dare you try to make laptop-fueled club music for Las Vegas bachelorette parties about making money? And seriously, Ms. Gomez, how many fake relationships can one girl have?

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