If you liked Panic! at the Disco, then you’ll be absolutely dumbfounded when you hear the new album by that band’s former members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker. Last year the pair quit the band that practically defined the emo genre in the past decade to form Young Veins. Where Panic’s popular output was about cramming jerky punk rhythms with passionate words, Ross and Walker’s new band is all about lovely melodies and retro production on their new album, “Take a Vacation.” Ross explains.

One of the standout tracks is the theme song, “Young Veins (Die Tonight).”


The band name was first, and I guess, yeah, it sort of is a theme song. ... It just sort of summed up how we were feeling at the time. ... We were just having a lot of fun again playing and writing music. That’s what we wanted people to see or hear.

You wanted people to think you were partying a lot? There is that line “We have the time of our lives every night like it’s our job to lose our minds.”


That was embellished, but really it could be partying or it could be just writing and playing music with your friends. ... It kind of makes us feel like we’re in our high school band years.