PSY Never stop dancing, PSY.
Credit: Getty Images

Has it really been two years since "Gangham Style" was released? Other than releasing "Gentleman," Psy has kind of been under the radar, but don't think he hasn't been living it up. He's been taking full advantage of his fame by befriending models, actors and other musicians. Now, he's just released his third music video and thank goodness, he hasn't given up his dancing ways. And not only is he still dancing, he's doing it with Snoop Dogg.

The single is called "Hangover," and, as expected, it's pretty much a party anthem. Well, a morning after party anthem to be specific. Poor Psy. It's so easy to get caught up in the moment, downing shots with Snoop at a Korean restaurant, meeting chicks and dancing until the sun comes up. Check out the music video below:


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