John Fogerty’s latest effort is a sequel to an oft-overlooked album he put out more than 35 years ago, right around the time of his disastrous split with Creedence Clearwater Revival.

“It’s almost sort of academic to me now,” he says of how it feels to recall the time when he put out “The Blue Ridge Rangers” in 1973. “I had remembered [the album] being awful and I was surprised that anybody else even knew about it because I had just assumed that the thing fell into oblivion.”

“The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again” is a collection of covers of his favorite country-western tunes featuring collaborations with Bruce Springsteen and Don Henley. Fogerty says revisiting the feeling of “Blue Ridge Rangers” was a rewarding experience.


“I’m totally healed now, so I’m loving making music and writing songs and very happy that unlike being a professional athlete, where your skills diminish after a certain age, certainly being a musician, you can improve,” he says. “It keeps the music alive in me and it keeps me challenged.”

John Fogerty with special guest Steamtrain Mary
Tonight, 7:30, The Beacon
Theatre, 2124 Broadway,
212-465-6500, $39.50-$99.50

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