A group of Russian designers are literally ‘floating’ the idea of building a flying house. The dome-shaped domicile named Freedom would use a hydrogen-run propeller system to prop itself in the air, while housing a fully-fitted apartment, storage space and garage. The sci-fi dwelling – whose name is a wordplay on ‘dom’, the Russian word for ‘house’ – will take at least four years to develop at the cost of at least six million euros. Metro spoke to Konstantin Maslov, co-founder of the Artzona design studio behind the project, on the future of living.

What was the inspiration behind your concept?

– People have dreamt about flying and even living in the sky for centuries. Humanity has explored the sky with a transport route but never as a place for comfortable living. The main idea of our project is to create the fully autonomous aeronautical house – similar to the houses that exist on the ground and on water.

What’s inside the house?


– It consists of a standard apartment, storage space, technical rooms. It could even be fitted with the garage so the owner could travel with his cars.

You’re cut off from the rest of civilizationso what would be the benefits of living in a flying house?

– The main attraction of owning Freedom is in the name of the project. This airship gives absolute freedom to the owner. No need to buy many houses in different cities or stay in hotel rooms – the owner can travel anywhere without leaving his home.

Are you planning to make it a real-life project?

– My team and I are already working to realize this project. The first stage is to create a flying model. The next one is to build a prototype and test it. And finally to construct the first sample to test it with pilots on board.

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