Video of a man turning his head around 180 degrees has resurfaced on the Web and it just might make you say something along the lines of "Oh my god!", "What the hell?" or "Ouch!"

The man, a Russian (the country where all strange things come happen and come from) namedAlexander, explains his talent in the video:


"Many years ago I started doing gymnastics thats when I noticed that my vertebrae seemed to be very flexible and that I could turn my head farther than normal. I worked at it little by little, going a little further each time, and one day i was able to turn my head all the way around.


When I do it, it takes energy out of my whole body. It requires 100% concentration. This may sound silly, I know, but in that moment I don't feel like myself. Its as if I were another person whose body is filled with some kind of energy."


You might want to watch this after you've had your lunch, or maybe before if this kind of thing gets you hungry.


We're not sure why it would, but would love for you to explain it to us.