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Online dating research finds Asian women have highest success rate

What are people's race preferences on dating site AYI.com?

Black men and white men are more likely than Hispanic or Asian men to respond to messages from women of other races. When your online profile is striking out, there are professionals you can call.
Online dating service AYI.com, also known as Are You Interested?, analyzed over 2.4 million interactions in the U.S. to reveal users' preferences based on race. The analysis revealed that Asian women are the most likely to receive a response from men through the app and are the most preferred by all men except for, ironically, Asian men, who prefer Hispanic women over other races. On the flip side, Asian women prefer men of a different race.

The survey found that white men are the most preferred by Asian, Hispanic and white women, but black women prefer all other races over white men. Black women are three times more likely than women of other races to respond to black men on the site. The study also found that black women are the least likely to receive a response from men on the site. Both black men and white men were more likely than Hispanic and Asian men to respond to women who were of different races.

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