Sam and Nia/ Youtube

A video of a husband surprising his wife with news that she’s pregnant has gone mildly viral and these people terrify me.

The video is from vlogging couple “Sam and Nia” who, along with their two small children, record their daily lives to share with the world.

The newest video of Sam surprising his wife with news that she is pregnant has me straight up terrified and mildly nauseated.

The video opens with Sam in a bathroom explaining that Nia told him she’s two weeks late, news that jumpstarted this whole wild ride of weird.


He then explains his wife’s peeing habits:

“All night long usually Nia goes pee throughout the night, she has a bladder the size of a golfball and she doesn’t flush the toilet at night because she’s afraid she’ll wake up the baby.”

He then proceeds to siphon a sample of her urine from the toilet and drop it onto the pregnancy test! The man recorded himself, recorded the pee, and then recorded himself fishing out the pee.

What? Gross. Why?

Look, I get it. I believe you work in the medical field, Sam. You’re used to working with urine, poop and blood. However, do we really need to watch you sample some of your wife’s stale pee from the toilet?

By the way, Nia, I’m pretty sure if you shut the door and close the lid you can flush a toilet without waking your child! We’re not animals, Nia!

Who are these people?

The test of course comes out positive and Sam freaks out, and even looks like he’s about to vomit (much like me at this point).

After teasing his wife with pregnancy innuendo (a thing, I assure you) he has her pull out her pee soaked pregnancy test and steals her thunder. Maybe they’re a cool couple and this kinda stuff can fly.

But to take away Nia’s moment to surprise Sam with her pregnancy seems a little selfish.

You folks creep me out.

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