Laverne Cox Laverne Cox and her twin brother were raised by her single mom in Alabama.
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Each episode of the Netflix hit "Orange Is the New Black" is action-packed, but for at least one of the stars on the show, the onscreen drama is nothing compared to her real life.

Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia, recently scored a book deal with Harlequin to tell the true story of her life as a transgender actress.


"As a trans woman of color from a working class background, I have often felt shame about the truth of my personal story for much of my life. By sharing my full, unvarnished story, including details of my life and family history I have never before revealed, I hope to provide a voice and safe place for those who have suffered because of their race, class, gender, abuse and trauma," Cox says.

The book is slated to be published in 2015.

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