Rest assured: Felix will remain as stylish as ever. / Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA Rest assured: Felix will remain as stylish as ever. / Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA

Jordan Gavaris plays heroically helpful foster sibling Felix to main clone Sarah on "Orphan Black." We talked to him about what’s ahead for him in Season 2 (premiering Sunday at 9 p.m. on BBC America) and whether Felix is finally getting fed up with Sarah taking him for granted.

The Season 2 poster seemed to imply that Felix and Alison will be getting closer this season. Would you say that's accurate?
Oh, you may be onto something. I think that poster’s filled with Easter eggs. Felix and Alison do have a close relationship this season and I can’t say as to whether or not it comes at the cost of Felix and Sarah’s relationship, but I can tell you there’s a real point of contention between Felix and Sarah that will come to a head and Felix will make a decision. I think he’s been living life as an accessory to the Clone Club and it’s time that he claimed a piece of his identity, because after all that is thematically what the show’s about. It’s about identity. It’s no surprise and it’s not an accident that Felix loses a bit of his identity in the Clone Club.


What is it about Alison that draws him in? She’s so different from him.
She’s so different and yet she’s the same. In a different life, I would say that Felix could have easily been a suburban gay dad and I think that in a different life, Alison could have been some sort of superfluous, frivolous girl with her gay best friend. I think that they missed each other’s archetype by just a hair. I think that’s what’s cool about the show and one of the recurrent themes is that it’s not so much about "how are you different from me?" it’s "how are we the same?." Felix and Alison for all intents and purposes, should hate each other, but they found a common thread.

Will we see Felix get a bit more of his own plotline this season?
It was something that I really pushed for and something [co-creators] John [Fawcett] and Graeme [Manson] were really excited to do. I think first season he’s so willing to submit, he just rolls into submission when it comes to being an asset to the Clone Club, being their only ally. But in reality, how long could a person realistically go living in fear without saying “no” some of the time, or asking some questions or getting frustrated because they lost who they are? I think this season in particular it was just really important to me to capitalize on truth and honesty and humanity and say, well, yes, he’s a great brother, but he’s also human and he’s going to say "no" sometimes, because Sarah’s requests keep getting more outlandish and more dangerous.

Will Felix finally lose patience with some of Sarah’s requests this season?
I think so. I think it may not play out the way the audience expects it will play out but there will be some conversations between the two of them, some fraught conversations, and we get to see Felix as an entity outside of clone club.

What was your favorite scene to film this season?
There’s a romantic connection that Felix has this season that is not just romantic but an important connection for him as an individual and I think it was probably one of my favorite things to do this season. It was also one of the scariest because in these particular moments he’s very open and honest and real and that was tough for me because Felix is a character that loves to wear masks.

What would Felix do if he found out he had a clone?
Oh God. We have three options. He would either run away, he would try to sleep with it, or he would insult it. I’m not entirely sure which one yet.

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