Paul Vasquez says You-Tube was made for him. Not literally, but this California nature boy, better known as Double Rainbow Guy, or Yosemite Bear, claimed his place as a top meme when his "Double Rainbow" vid, which shows Vasquez passionately extolling the beauty of a rainbow (or two, possibly three), went viral.

Vasquez, who is one of many memes appearing at MIT's ROFLCon, doesn't call himself a child of YouTube -- or even MTV -- though.

"I am almost 50, so it was 'Sesame Street' for me. I took to video right away. I was editing and mixing music in the '80s on videotape," Vasquez says. "Posting the vid has allowed my destiny to flow. I always knew I would be a viral video creator. I made all the steps happen. Rainbows have been coming to me for a long time and with ever-increasing frequency."

It's not just rainbows chasing him now, though. After going viral, Vasquez was inundated with offers for ads, appearances, even a reality show.


"I don't go anywhere without getting stopped and recognized, asked for a pic, hug and sometimes an autograph," he adds. "I've made lots of money, but I didn't need any of it. Two weeks into it, I was in L.A. getting a lawyer [and] talent agent, [as well as] doing a reality TV show pitch and 'Jimmy Kimmel.' I was so poor I didn't have a good car, cell phone or anything, but it was like the universe was carrying me."

The other memes

YouTube channel Pop Spot (an offshoot of Eyeboogie) is sponsoring ROFLCon 2012 and bringing a host of top-hitting memes to MIT. For those who don't know the definition, a meme is any-thing that has been passed around on the Internet enough that almost anybody will know the reference (a la "Double Rainbow") Besides that, there's Antoine Dodson, aka Bedroom Intruder, who Auto-Tuned a crime report; supergrowly, animal-friendly Vegan Black Metal Chef and more.

If you go


Friday and Saturday,

11 a.m.-11 p.m.

Building 26

Massachusetts Institute

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