Peanut butter and jelly vodka: Oh yes, they did it

Trust us: It smells as weird as it sounds.

I'm not a snobby drinker. Box wine, well drinks, $6 "champagne," Jell-O shots: These all have a place in my heart and my weekend. (Unless you put Cool Whip on that Jell-O, in which case, that's tacky and we're through.)


But for quite possibly the first time, I'm staring down a free bottle of booze that I'm not sure I'll be able to drink.


Van Gogh Vodka's new "PB&J" variety arrived on my desk this morning, and although the bottle features some pretty amazing Vincent/lunchtime mash-up art, it smells like ... peanut butter and jelly. Exactly like peanut butter and jelly. Right down to the white bread and smashed Fruit Roll-up and damp basement your cheap school called a cafeteria.


We'll test this out and report back later, because we don't drink at work (and/or the vending machine is out of potential mixers). But in the meantime: Someone get started on the Fluffernutter gin, stat.

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