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As a multi-platinum Grammy Award winner, Pharrell Williams has every right to kick back and enjoy his success. But the singer is using his time in the spotlight to help children in need. Today, Penguin announced that they've teamed up with Williams and First Book, a non-profit that aims to give children in need access to books.

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To really kick the campaign off with a bang, Williams is releasing a new book, "Happy!" which is a new way for kids to enjoy his hit song. Aimed at children ages 3 to 7, the book has big, colorful photos of kids who share what makes them happy, such as flying a kite. The book comes out October 6.

Readers of all ages are encouraged to share Facebook posts, Tumblr posts, Instagrams and tweets about how reading makes them happy using the hashtag #ReadHappy. Penguin will donate a book to First Book for every single post, up to 50,000.


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