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Justin Bieberさん(@justinbieber)が投稿した写真 -

There has been a lot of buzz going around the Web concerning Calvin Klein’s latest ad campaign featuring Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. In the ad, Bieber is shirtless and is only wearing a pair of Calvin Klein underwear.

Many have seen the ad and have become curious about the size of Bieber’s package. Many have ogled Bieber’s bulge while other’s have immediately concluded that Photoshop is the reason why Bieber’s bump is so prominent in the photo.


Well people, we hate to break the news to you, but Bieber’s bundle was definetly Photoshopped.

In fact, there is a .GIF to prove it

Take a look at the image below and you’ll notice many aspects of the photo were altered and retouched to enhance Bieb’s body.