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PHOTO: James Franco all glammed up at NYU graduation

James Franco is now officially only attending 5,478 colleges.

Yesterday was the unofficial graduation for NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and guess who showed up? Mister fancy-pants Oscar host himself, James Franco!

One intrepid graduate student in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program snapped a picture of the academically-active actor preparing to graduate from one of the 5,479 graduate schools he attends. What ever shall Franco do with all of his new free time?

(Also, this is as good an opportunity as any for Metro to share our James Franco-NYU story. In early 2009, we were rehearsing a hilarious short film on the top floor of the Tisch building. In the middle of a particularly tense actor-director moment, the mood was broken by the arrival of an unexpected guest: James Franco! The actor was taking a class next to the rehearsal room, and despite the fact that classes had been in session for more than a month, he was seemingly unaware where the bathroom was. He wandered in, spent a split second baffled by the apparent lack of toilets, and went on his way. It's a small story, but we are pleased by the image of Franco forever wandering in and out of every room on the floor, completely puzzled about the location of the bathrooms)

[Twitpic via Buzzfeed]

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