A beautiful explosion of color has been captured perfectly in this picture, with the help of some everyday food items. The underwater clouds have been created by pour- ing milk and cream into an aquarium filled with salted water. Henry Jager then had about 45 seconds to take the photo before the colors dissipated.

What’s the inspiration?

Do we remember our child-hood, when we watched the cloud formations inthe sky and imagined the creatures above? The sameis here: a smurf or Beauty & the Beast appears in our imagination.

What is the big challenge of ‘underwater painting’?


To match the right parameters to create an expression of color, shape and light. It all depends on the fat in the cream, the salt content of the water, pressure, and the tenderness of pouring the colored creams into the aquarium. Imagine handling all this within 45seconds.

In what way is this art?

It’s experimental, fast- changing and fleeting, but the aesthetical moment is captured by high speed photography, a snapshot of less than a second for the audience. Pouring the colored creams at differ- ent times creates, like on a painting, different layers and levels of hue and texture.

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