Most people scarper at the sight of extreme weather but for one man, it’s an unmissable chance to chase and snap storms, tornadoes, lightning and supercells. Marko Korošec, from the village of Zirje, Slovenia, captured Mother Nature at its most frightening in Tornado Alley.

The award-winning storm chaser spent five weeks following the severe weather across Tornado Alley, which is located in the Midwest. The 34-year-old Korošec traveled to the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana, in pursuit of the best images of these dangerous natural phenomena.

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“They can last for a few hours in the most robust environments and days. These storms can produce several tornadoes and change their shapes as well.These type of storms are the most dangerous on the planet,” saysamateur photographer Marko Korosec.


According to Korosec, he was approximately 1,640 feet away from the storm when he shot the photos.

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