On Oct. 26, more than 1,800 photographers aimed their cameras at Philadelphia with a simple goal: documenting one moment of one slightly overcast fall day. And while the city didn't necessarily sit still and smile on Philly Photo Day -- that's never quite been her style, even on special occasions -- there did seem to be something a little different in the air.


"They're all upbeat -- they're all very celebratory," says Sarah Stolfa, executive director of the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, of the photographs. "Even if they're not of the most beautiful or idyllic scenes, there's a sense that they're all very hopeful about what they're looking at."


Through Dec. 28, every single entry -- from a quiet shot of the morning sun rolling through an empty gymnasium to portraits of late-night food cart feasts -- is on display at the Photo Arts Center's gallery in Northern Liberties.


Later this month, more than 200 of the submissions will make their way on to buses, trains and billboards, prompting even more would-be photographers to take a fresh look at the city.


"If you're sitting on a bus or sitting on a subway underground, getting a glimpse of the outside world, of something green, that can change where your thoughts go," says Stolfa.