Everyone, meet Smiley. Smiley meet everyone.
Smiley, an adorable Golden Retriever from Canada (where most things pure and cute come from [Editors Note: This does not include Justin Bieber]), works as a therapy dog despite being born blind.

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Smiley’s human, Joanne George, adopted him from a puppy mill and paired him with a deaf Great Dane named Tyler.
“He was very scared, had never been out of that barn,” George recalled for ABC News. “Tyler was so bouncy and crazy and happy go lucky and [Smiley] turned into the same dog. He came out from underneath the tables where he was always hiding.”
George decided to share Smiley’s warm personality with the community by bringing him to hospitals and schools to work as a therapy dog.
George recalled one visit to a nursing home, when Smiley interacted with an elderly patient, “This man Teddy, [had] no speech, no communication at all.” But Smiley's mere presence summoned a smile something “[The staff] had never seen” from Teddy before.
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