Metro's Dorothy Robinson presents the top photos of the day from the celebrity world.

1: Hello, hips! Christina Hendricks and Jennifer Hudson were at Self magazine’s “Women Doing Good” awards on Tuesday.


2: OK, fine, let’s hear it for the boys: Adam Brody and Chace Crawford cleaned up exceptionally nice for TIFF.

3: Every time we remember that Charlie and The Waitress are happily married (and expecting!) in real life, we smile. Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Charlie Day were supercute at the Season 7 premiere of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

4: Jennifer Garner was pretty in pink in Toronto. (Why do we feel like she was in a movie with this title? Five or so years ago? Anyone?)

5: Lily Cole, let’s talk about the dress you wore at the Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday: We love it. We’re a little afraid of it (and you), but we love it.

6: Now, Olivia Wilde’s TIFF dress? This is one we could have done without.

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