Foot-stomping indie rock band Bronze Radio Return is currently touring the U.S. promoting their latest album, “Light Me Up,” and life on the road is bound to get interesting when six grown men are involved. The Hartford, C.T. band has played massive festivals including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Firefly and SXSW, but there’s nothing like playing your own tour. To get a real sense of how the tour is going, the guys shared with us some exclusive pics.

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Photo 1:
"A couple years ago in Austin, TX we met some fine folks from Lagunitas at a SXSW event. They invited us to come see the brewery the next time we were in San Francisco and we happily took them up on that offer. They loaded our trailer up with all sorts of cases of beers and sent us on our way. Good people, good beer, good times...

Photo 2:
"Within our band we all travel with loads of knick knacks and doohickeys in our backpacks and suitcases. From time to time it’s always good to inventory the goods to make sure it’s all there....It’s not uncommon for us to leave stuff (sometimes crucial) behind at venues and hotels. In this pic we see Packy [ Patrick Fetkowitz] meticulously laying out his road gear to inspect the contents of his backpack. This time it’s all there.....this time."


Photo 3:
"Sometimes it’s funny to see pictures of ourselves mid performance. I feel like I'm always making crazy faces, faces I would not normally make outside of singing songs on a stage. Our friend Will Byington, the photographer who took this picture, always does a nice job of grabbing in the moment (stage face) shots."

Photo 4:
"Here is a picture of playing one of the first shows of this last tour in Chicago. It was a fun night and a great way to kick of the Fall/Winter run of shows. It was one of the first nights we got to hang our new backdrop and debut what we now call 'Matt's Keyboard Yard.'"

If you go:

Dec. 11, 7 p.m.
World Café Live
3025 Walnut St.

New York City
Dec. 12, 8 p.m.
Rough Trade NYC
56 N. 9th St., Brooklyn

Dec. 13, 8 p.m.
Bowery Hallroom
6 Delancey St., 212-260-4700

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