1. Lessons in owning a red carpet full of flashy young things: Rihanna kept it super simple and super elegant in a drapey backless gown.


2. Attention Fun. boys: Fire your stylist. It looks like she just went on eBay and typed in "hipster uniform" as a search term.


3. Pink pomped it up.


4. Miley Cyrus' punky new 'do made its red carpet debut.


5. Clearly, the kids from One Direction had a little too much fun with their limo's sunroof on the way over.


6. We know, Ne-Yo -- Miley Cyrus does look a little rough.

7. At the very real risk of sounding like your mom, we know where Riff Raff got his name.

8. Who would have thought that little miss I-brush-my-teeth-with-whiskey would clean up so nice? Ke$ha girl, we're glad you finally showered.