Zac Efron probably isn't a bad actor. He hinted at as much in "17 Again," which was surprisingly stocked with a great cast that included Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon and Jim Gaffigan (seriously guys — who did you owe here?).

But thanks to his breakout in "High School Musical" and outrageously pretty-boy looks, he's got more than a few sappy throwaways in his future. Good thing he's equipped with the Efron Dream Stare. His equivalent of the Zoolander, it's a slight squint of his watery baby blues combined with ever-so-slightly pursed lips that can be invoked when a line of dialogue isn't even worth saying.

Promoting "The Lucky One"

In shades at the 2010 Espy Awards: Believe us, it's there under the shades.


On the red carpet in 2009, with an assist from some tussled hair.

Even with "High School Musical" hair, we're buying it.

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