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PHOTOS: The highest paid TV actors of 2015

‘Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons is the top of the list earning $29 million in 2015.

Who are the highest paid actors on television? Here’s the list.

According to Forbes, Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons is named the highest-paid television actor in television in 2015. He brought in $29 million between June 1, 2014 and June 1, 2015. Co-star Johnny Galeckiis the second highest television actor at $27 million.

Check out the rest of the Forbes list of highest actors. These guys are making some serious bank.

1. Jim Parsons: $29 million
2. Johnny Galecki: $27 million
3. Mark Harmon: $20 million
4. Simon Helberg: $20 million
5. Kunal Nayyar: $20 million
6. Ashton Kutcher: $20 million
7. Jon Cryer: $15 million
8. Ray Romano: $15 million
9. Patrick Dempsey: $12 million
10. Simon Baker: $12 million
11. Ty Burrell: $11.5 million
12. Jesse Tyler Ferguson: $11 million
13. Ed O'Neill: $10.5 million
14. Eric Stonestreet: $10.5 million
15. Kevin Spacey: $9.5 million


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