Now that the May-December romance of Ashton and Demi is probably over, we devote today’s pictures to other unlikely (yet much happier) pairings. Of course these were all made possible by the magic of music, and if you would like to read what we think these people spoke about when they met, make sure to visit

1. Lady Gaga gave Bruce Springsteen a little of that human touch in May 2010 at the Almay concert to celebrate the Rainforest Fund’s 21st birthday at Carnegie Hall.


2. This awkward photo of Kurt Cobain and Peter Gabriel was taken 18 years ago this month at the 10th annual MTV Video Music Awards. There are so many “What’s wrong with this picture?” aspects — winking Kurt with the baby bottle, Peter’s “Look who I’m getting my picture taken with” smile and both of them wearing tops that border on mock turtleneck!

3. This photo of James Brown and Bono was shot backstage at the Live 8 concert in 2005. It looks almost as if Bono is trying to talk the Godfather of Soul out of punching the U2 frontman in the face.

4. There’s almost too much Unlikely Musical Friendship™ going on in this photo from the 1989 New York Music Awards. DMC of Run DMC, squatting in front, seems to be the only one who is pleased to be there. Samantha Fox seems happy to pose, but there’s a strain in her smile that suggests she is disappointed by the lack of interest from LL Cool J and Joey and Dee Dee Ramone. Note: Unlikely Musical Friendship is not really trademarked.

5. Sammy Hagar and Patti Smith rocked out together at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in 2007.

6. Though it looks like Stevie Wonder is awkwardly holding a Cher mannequin that somebody suddenly presented him with as a gift, this is really Cher. This pic was shot at the 16th annual Grammy Awards in 1974! That was 37 years ago!

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