If you haven’t followed Plants and Animals closely since their full-length debut of acoustically layered indie rock in 2008, you’re in for a surprise with their rocking follow-up, “La La Land.”


“There’s a lot less acoustic guitar for one thing,” says drummer and singer Matthew “The Woodman” Woodley. “Both the guitar players kind of got into fuzz pedals. I call it the disease. They just kept buying pedals.”


How many pedals?


“Before shows people come up and take photos of them,” says The Woodman. “They have a whole world in front of them of things to stomp on.”


So what led to such a change? Woodley says it was just a progression of touring. “In a lot of ways it’s an extension of the way that we’ve been playing for two years,” he says.

Plants and Animals

Tonight, 8, Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey St., $15