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It looks like that awkward Cara Delevingne interview with "Good Day Sacramento" started a trend, and that's a terrible, terrible thing. Now poor "Fantastic Four" stars Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara are getting the same treatment, with an obnoxious radio host peppering them with questions about how an African-American guy and Caucasian girl playing brother and sister is weird and how Mara looks hotter with long hair. Stay classy, Rock 100.5's "Southside" Steve Rickman.

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"Am I missing something? Your white and you're black. How does this happen?" Rickman asks. And after Jordan dignifies that with a response, Rickman moves in on Mara's locks: "You're way, way hot," he told her. "Why'd you cut the hair? Your hair was beautiful." And then proceeded to not let the topic go — at least until he could tell her he's really into toes and hers are just aces.

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Ugh. Dear fellow entertainment journalists: Just stop. I can see the wheels turning after stories like these get a lot of traction. You're thinking, "Hey, I know how to make an interview terribly awkward via base unprofessionalism. Maybe I can go viral, too!" Fight that impulse, lest we all suffer.

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