The Bruins made sure that Justin Bieber would not be dancing on their logo this past weekend. Credit: Getty Images Justin Bieber hasn't endeared himself to Latin America. Credit: Getty Images

I know. I know you tossed and turned last night, thinking, "Justin Bieber's Believe tour/quest to provoke all of Latin America is in Mexico now. How will he anger the Mexican authorities? I must find out."

Wonder no more. The singer, who angered cops in Brazil by spraying graffiti and caused an uproar in Argentina when he kicked a flag, has now pissed off the president of Mexico.

Yesterday Justin tweeted, "just met some amazing Mexican beliebers and the presidente of Mexico and his familia. now it is showtime. 60,000 tonight. night 1. te amo." That's nice enough. The only problem? He didn't meet the presidente of Mexico.

Translation: "@Presidenciamx denies meeting between President @EPN with the singer @justinbieber." Wow, that's cold!

See, apparently what happened is Justin met a bunch of el presidente's family, and because there was a motorcade, he assumed the president was among them. He quickly tweeted a retraction.

Is there anything more Bieberesque than assuming he's met you just because he's seen your car? Imagine what he'd tweet if he saw the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. "Just met an amazing giant hot dog belieber and his bun. #blessed #hungry #blessed."

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