One day, it will be likely be known as the Shameless Self-Branding Social Media Outlet Formerly Known as Twitter but, for now, it's still just Twitter. And, as we learned last week, Prince has recently jumped in on the action, tweeting under the handle @3rdeyegirl.


We all rushed to follow the man formerly known as the symbol formerly known as Prince who is now just Prince again (because, enough was enough, all right?) and were eager to see what sparkly, purple-hued Internet crumbs Prince might have to toss into our never-sated, gaping Internet maws. Unfortunately, as yet, he's mostly tweeted not-so-titilating Instagram photos and YouTube vids. Yawn.


Until he tweeted the above album cover for single 'Breakfast Can Wait,' featuring Dave Chappelle (what the hell has that guy been up until right this second, btw?) dressed up as his royal eminence. Holding a big platter of pancakes. And it is awesome. (Listen to the single below.) Well played, sir, tweet on.