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Annoyances like property theft are often only thought to happen to normal people who can’t afford beefed up security and advanced anti-theft technology. But if we’ve learned anything from Kim Kardashian, it’s that even the richest of rich and most famous of them all can become victim to these crimes as well. Now another star has been stung.

TMZ recently broke the news that a few days before Christmas, Queen Latifah’s Mercedes was stolen in a gas station robbery. Luckily the actress/producer/musician was not in the vehicle. Her security guard was refueling her whip when another vehicle pulled up, a passenger got out, hopped into Latifah’s Benz and pulled away. However, the 46-year-old was mainly concerned about a contract that was in the car at the time it was stolen.

Police eventually recovered the vehicle and the contract. Though it must be nice to be more concerned about a few sheets of paper over a luxury car.