UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, expressing displeasure with trainer Tiki GhTMZ/Screenshot

As any real fighter knows: sometimes the toughest battles are outside the ring.

It’s hard to tell how much Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was playing it up for TMZ’s rolling cameras when he got mad at his trainer, Tiki Ghosn, for knocking a Starbucks pound cake out of his hands in the middle of an interview with the gossip site this week.

Jackson was going in for a bite when Ghosn suddenly appears from off-camera and knocks the cake to the ground. Not cool, man.

The two then articulate their opinions on eating cake so close to an impending fight, as only a personal trainer and their sugar-deprived trainee can.


“The f--- are you doing? Spit it out!” Ghosn says, as Jackson stares back angrily. “We’re not doing that s---....we’re fighting next week dude, you can’t do that s---, you gotta make weight.”

Was Jackson really mad? You can judge for yourself below:

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