Has it been difficult keeping a sense of perspective when you’re surrounded by screaming fans?

Whoever had been cast as Harry would have received that attention, so you have to realize that it’s not because it’s you. I talked to the director of “Twilight,” I asked how Rob was doing. She was saying that before Rob had even been cast, she went to a reading by Stephenie Meyer and when Stephenie said the name Edward Cullen, the audience went nuts. So whoever was going to be cast in that role was going to have a pretty crazy life for the next few years. It’s the same with Harry.

How does “Part 1” compare to “Part 2”?

This is the sedate younger brother to the last part. In the last part, you’ll be slung head-first at 200 miles-per-hour into a firestorm — the level of action is insanity, it’s non-stop, it’s a road movie that turns into a heist movie that turns into a war movie. The battle in Hogwarts is incredible. People are going to be left slightly breathless by it.

Is there a souvenir you’ve taken from Harry?

I did take — and I would have stolen had they not given them to me — the glasses. One pair from the first film, which are tiny now, then a pair from the last. They’re both the lense-less ones which I used the most, so they’re the ones I associate most with Harry.

Everyone says that the atmosphere on “Harry Potter” sets is great.

If you’re playing the lead, you have to view yourself as the head of department of the cast. All the other head of departments are accountable; I don’t think actors should be any different. If I walked on set every day with an unhappy attitude, it’s amazing how quickly that would filter through to everyone else. When you’re filming for nine months you can’t afford to let morale slip, so I think you have to be a bit of a cheerleader as a lead actor. When there’s a large crowd scene, it helps everyone raise the standard of what they’re doing if they think the actors are as involved with them as they are with the team. It’s important in the creation of a happy set, which is what Rupert, Emma and I have done for 10 years.