Book quiz

1.What political topic really gets you revved up?
a. The Fergueson shooting.
b. The gender pay gap.
c. The rising cost of higher education.

2.What was the reason for your last breakup?
a. The fighting had reached an all-time high.
b. One of you wanted “space.”
c. The passion fizzled out.

3.What movie does Netflix keep suggesting the crap out to you?
a. “Crash”
b. “Driving Miss Daisy”
c. “The Talented Mr. Ripley”

4.What job do you think sounds really cool?
a. Cop
b. Travel writer
c. Private investigator


5.Your friends describe you as:
a. A little rough around the edges
b. Restless
c. A bit of a control freak

Mostly A’s: “All Involved” by Ryan Gattis
This novel recreates the six riot-filled days after the Rodney King verdict in 1992, through the voices of 17 interconnected narrators. After reading, you’ll be roused to spark political change in your own city.

Mostly B’s: “Motorcycles I’ve Loved” by Lily Brooks-Dalton
In this memoir, Lily Brooks-Dalton writes about her 3,000 cross-country motorcycle trek --- a journey that proved to be just as emotional as geographical. It will have you planning your own adventure.

Mostly C’s: “Surprise” by Tania Luna and Leann Renninger, PhD
This is a fascinating read about how the element of surprise actually changes the way your brain works. Some of the things you’ll learn by reading are how to better handle bad surprises and how to craft your lifestyle so more good surprises pop up!

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