Quiz: What’s your summer anthem?

Find out which hit should be your new theme song.

1.How do you plan on celebrating your first summer Friday?
a. Spending it with bae
b. Hitting the beach with your friends
c. Day drinking outside


2.Sometimes you fantasize about moving to:
a. Another city, like L.A.
b. The beach
c. The country with lots of land


3.What’s your dancing style?
a. You like to get your grind on
b. Acting silly and jumping around
c. You don’t dance


4.Your ideal partner:
a. Can cook
b. Has a bit of a wild side
c. You can bring home to mom


5.What do you usually change into after work on a Friday?
a. Something stylish because you usually go out
b. Your job is pretty laidback, so you usually don’t change
c. Boxers and a T-shirt

6.Your Instagram is mostly photos of:
a. You’re not going to lie. There’s a lot of selfies.
b. Cool street art around the city
c. Food

7.Your summer mission is to:
a. Get a VIP pass to a hotel rooftop pool
b. Take advantage of all the free outdoor concerts
c. Go on an epic road trip

Mostly A’s
“Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap
You’re in love --- or at least in lust --- and plan on enjoying summer’s long days with your partner in crime. Whether it’s heating up the dance floor or staying home and making pies with your baby, this summer is all about your boo.

Mostly B’s
“Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon
This summer, you’re looking for adventure and we predict you’re in for one heck of a ride if you keep following your “wherever the night may lead” mindset. When you’re a “victim of the night,” who knows what might happen?

Mostly C’s
“Crushin’ It” by Brad Paisley
You’re happiest drinking a cold one with friends and enjoying the summer sun. You plan on “crushin’ it” all summer long.

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