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Rapper Mase caught in a holy war

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Rapping preacher Mase, the baby-faced protege of Puff Daddy (yes, it's back to Puff Daddy), who rose to fame in the late '90s spitting lyrics on "Mo Money Mo Problems," is now catching heat from his church congregation because apparently, he's back to rapping about some unholy things.

Two years after "Mo Money" came out, Mase retired to serve God, claiming rap was "not real." What's unreal is that people still want to hear Mase songs...

Anyway, he's been rapping here and there for quite some time but sources say he's letting his church business funds falter. And those unholy things he's rapping about include a man whobrags about sleepingwith an engaged woman.


Earlier this year, Mase secretly filed for divorce from his wife — who he wrote a book with about how to have a successful marriage. But a month later, he rescinded his divorce papers.

Puffy, sounds like you need to step in and help your boy again. Guess the more money he comes across, the more problems he sees.

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