Hey, how much money did you make out of the most humiliating experience of your life? Chances are it wasn't as much as Rebecca Black has.

Forbes has done the math, and figured out just how much your scorn is worth to the 13-year-old "Friday" songstress. The viral video has accumulated roughly 30 million views on YouTube, most on the past week; with the video site making roughly $1 per 1,000 views and offering offering content partners like Black 68% of the profits, that amounts to roughly $20,000.

Putting "Friday" on iTunes could turn out to be even more lucrative. The song is currently at #44 in the music store's singles chart, and thought Apple hasn't released official sales numbers for the track, Forbes estimates that it's ranked up a few hundred thousand downloads. At 71 cents per download, that's six figures coming Rebecca's way.


(All this, of course, assumes that Black receives a sizable percentage of the song's royalties from Ark Music Factory. Who knows? She could have signed it all away.)

In any event, Black continues to stay classy about the whole thing. She says she'll donate a portion of her royalties to Japan relief, and school music programs. We're tellin' ya, that girl's gonna go far! (via The A.V. Club)

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