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Rebecca Black's 'My Moment': How are we supposed to make fun of this one?

The teen songstress behind "Friday" has gone pop, for real this time.

If you were wondering what Rebecca Black would sound like when she wasn't singing "Friday," we've got your answer: the pop songstress has a new (we're not sure if we should call it "actual") single out!

Musically, "My Moment" isn't much; it's basically an Autotuned version the same sort of inspirational syrup that gets trotted out by an American Idol winner each year. We're not saying we need another days-of-the-week countdown, but is a catchy singalong hook too much to ask for?

But otherwise it's great stuff: Rebecca goofing around in a recording studio! Rebecca dancing around with a multiracial dance crew! Rebecca chilling with her friends in a limo like it's junior prom! Rebecca Black is kind of the brunette version of Julie Taylor from "Friday Night Lights," and we want her to be our little sister.