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Rebecca Black sang 'Friday' on 'America's Got Talent,' was confusing (VIDEO)

What was the most confusing thing about the teen songbird's TV appearance?

Rebecca Black appeared on "America's Got Talent" last night, and to our minds the teen songbird's appearance was the most confusing television event of the summer.

How was it so confusing? Let us count the ways:

--Nick Cannon described the appearance as a "mashup," but the songs were mostly played back-to-back, not interwoven!

--Are we meant to like "Friday" now? Or even to think it's not a horrible song? Listen, we are rooting for Rebecca Black -- the problems of that song go way beyond her -- but please girl, don't subject us to that any more.

--Also, how old is Rebecca Black? She uncomfortably does not look how old we suspect she is. (13, right? What happened to her awkward phase? Mom told us everyone has an awkward phase!)

--It wasn't even Friday when she sang it!

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