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Red carpet disasters (VIDEO)

A collection of the best of the worst red carpet moments.

We told you why those red carpet interviews stink. Now see the evidence for yourself.

The more of these pre-award shows we see, the more obvious it is that some of the entertainment show hosts are unabashedly groveling celebrity chasers. Just check out this interview from last year’s Oscar’s between E!’s Giuliana Rancic and Anna Kendrick in which Rancic spends half of it trying to flag Kendrick’s “Up In the Air” co-star down, George Clooney, down. All that fawning is just embarrassing but thankfully Kendrick was a good sport about it.

Robert Pattinson seems very obliging to fellow Brit, Alexa Chung, at this year’s Golden Globe ceremony, but the cringe-worthy moment comes right at the end when Chung abruptly ends the interview, leaving RPatz with an eye-roll that says “umm, awkward!”

This has to be the worst red carpet interview we could find. It doesn’t help that Angelina Jolie already looks frosty and uninterested in any cutesy talk, but for Ryan Seacrest to take it a step further and ask what she fed her brood? What kind of answer were you expecting, Seacrest?

Brangelina learned their lesson after that whole infamous cereal incident with Seacrest, this time giving him the stone cold shut down as he chased them down the red carpet. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

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