gwar David Brockie of Gwar was found dead on Sunday.
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Redditors came together to remember Dave Brockie, also known as Oderus Ungurus and the frontman of heavy metal band Gwar, who was found dead on Sunday. Brockie's bandmate found him at his Richmond, Va. home and reported the death to police, reports USA Today. Brockie was 50.

The death particularly struck a chord in the Reddit community, where users remembered Brockie, especially by revisiting his "Ask Me Anything" thread just five months ago.

One Redditor talked about the time Brockie gave him a chocolate chip cookie backstage:

"I knew the security guys at the place and they got me backstage. As I'm walking around I see this dude with a large ziplock bag of chocolate chip cookies, just chewing on them and humbly handing them out. As I walk up to him I realize that it's Dave. I say what up and tell him that the show was probably one of the best I've seen. He was super nice and down to earth. Then he hands me a cookie. I'm thinking these are pot cookies and I ask him what's in it. He says, nothing, just chocolate chip cookies dude. He had such a large smile and made realize something super important in life. Don't judge someone by the alien costume they wear, there's more inside. RIP dude."


Other Reddit community members flocked to Brockie's AMA forum, where he posted hilariously inappropriate answers to fans' questions. Brockie's most popular response on the thread was when a user asked: "Oderus! What is your favorite musical piece of work to masturbate to?" to which Brockie answered, "The sound of my own grunting." Brockie's crass humor was a trademark of Gwar's music - the band was also known for members' bloody, monstrous costumes and wild mosh pits at concerts. Its latest album, Battle Maximus, came out in September and was to perform at the next Gwar-B-Q in August.

Another user remembered his first Gwar concert: "Just want to say GWAR was the first concert I ever went to 15 or so years ago. My friends and I came out dyed blue and I was missing a shoe. We took a foreign exchange student from Denmark with us and she started crying in one of the back rooms because she was scared of what was happening. My mom picked us up from the venue and completely FREAKED out at the sight of all of us and vowed to never let me go into the city again. Also - at one point I ended up toward the back of the crowd and I'm pretty certain that I watched two random people discretely having sex on the back wall. Couldn't have asked for a more awesome/ bizarre concert experience. No questions but I'm happy you guys are still going strong." Brockie happily thanked him.

Brockie's cause of death is unclear and an autopsy has been scheduled, according to USA Today.

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